Sunday, June 10, 2012

Today's Blog Topic.....

...has nothing to do with this picture. It's just a picture I found this weekend while going through photo files on my computer. But take a moment to enjoy the cuteness of our family's puppy. Awwwww! Look how adorable Ginny was as a puppy! Too bad she's nowhere near that small anymore.

Moving on.... 

Blogging everyday during the month of June has been easier than I thought.

There's usually at least one little thing from my day that I can share, a picture, a thought, or even just a recap of the days events. I will confess though, updating on weekends is much harder than updating during the week. Especially this weekend, where I've got two days of bright sunshine that have totally wiped me out (I'm about asleep as I write this post to be honest).

In a way though, I like that. I like that my weekends are full of activities and outings that keep me away from my computer, so that I'm out living the last couple months of my college career instead of rotting away inside my little basement bedroom.

My guess is, once June is over, I probably will not update every single day (sorry Emily, I know you like to read the blog when you get up in France every morning). But I'll be able to update more frequently than before. I've become more conscious about the little things in my day that are fun to share with my family and friends, the pictures that illustrate what life really looks like for me now, the thoughts and ideas my friends share with me, etc.

I've also found it's nice to have an outlet to recap the day, even if it's just for myself, to see what I've accomplished, what I have to finish, and what is still left to do. Summer is starting to go by quickly, and while I appreciate that in one respect (Em comes home at the end of July, County Fair, B comes home, family vacation), I'm also starting to fear I might not get everything done (see all my college friends again, river tubing, visits to friends in Des Moines, my summer reading list, traveling). It's a balancing act, and I'm still learning how to find the perfect balance. Maybe my new yoga class will help me this respect.

Here's to a more balanced week (and a weekend trip home!)

And one more cute puppy picture (can you tell I'm excited to see the pup crazy dog when I'm home this next weekend?)

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