Saturday, June 23, 2012

Singing, er...Dancing, in the Rain

I was sitting in my basement bedroom (country song anyone? brownie points if you get it right!) working on some job applications, when I heard something outside in the backyard.

I listened quietly for a little bit, until I figured out the sounds were rain!
And, like the child I really am, I immediately jumped up and ran outside to play in the rain.

Splashing in the puddles, lifting my hands to the sky, laughing and giggling. I'd love to hear what my neighbors thought of my little dance in the driveway.

It was so refreshing though, both because the rain was much needed and because I'd been sitting too long filling out job applications and working on some internship projects. 

There are a million other reasons why I love rain. Granted, I don't appreciate a lot of gloomy, dreary days in a row, but the occasional cloudy and rainy days are appreciated. I love the way rain smells, before, during and after it actually rains. I love the way the world quiets while it's raining, and in the few precious moments after, when the last remaining raindrops fall from tree leaves and are the only discernible noises. I love the way plants shoot up in the next few hours and days after a good rainfall, how even humans seem to emerge a little taller and more refreshed just by stepping into a rain dampened world. I love being able to hunker down inside with a tall cup of coffee and a book or movie when the rain comes down a little harder than I like.

Why isn't it raining now? I think I need to go play in it some more! 

What do you like about rain?


  1. Online -Brad Paisley

    I'm glad a tree didn't fall on you while you were dancing.

    1. Brownie points winner!

      I'm glad too - even if it wasn't a terribly threatening rain.

  2. I had a good experience with the rain this weekend also. I got to sleep in on Sunday morning and when I realized it was raining it made me happy. It was so nice to sleep while the rain just came gently. Since it was straight down I didn't need to close windows. I loved it (until the storm part hit then I was awake. Love your post, helps me keep in touch.

    1. I love going to sleep when it's raining - definitely some of the best night's sleeps. I always want storms to hit when I can thoroughly sit and enjoy watching them (but they usually startle me when it's early morning hours after I've been sleeping). Glad you're keeping in touch :)