Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

* I'm playing catch up on the blog after taking a few days to enjoy home. I'm dating everything back a little bit to keep the timing right, so don't be confused! 
Since Dad works so much and such long hours during planting season, Father's Day was incredibly laid back at the Fischer home, and included...
 : introducing Ginny to the taste of Root Beer
: teasing the dogs with food...
 : ...and almost giving Ginny some yummies
 : yummy shish-kabobs with beef, potatoes, and mushrooms
: plenty of dog playtime
 : nap times, of course!
: relaxed smiles
 : picnics on the porch 
 : strawberry rhubarb pie
 : puppy love
 : and puppy kisses

We may not have gotten to go on our planned bike ride, but we ended the evening watching some sand volleyball and eating at Dad's favorite restaurant, Sancho's.
Add to that a letter from France with fun Father's Day wishes, 
and Dad's day turned out pretty nicely. 

Thanks for all you do Daddy - 
I never could express completely how much I appreciate you 
and all you (and Mom) have done for me over the years. 
I love you!

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