Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I Took Some Pictures

While Ben's in Maryland this summer, he let me borrow his nice camera.
I'm not talking about a fancy point and shoot. 
I'm talking about a Canon EOS 30D.
Definitely more high tech than most camera's I've used before.
And even with a little coaching before I left, I still am not the greatest at using it. 
But there is hope!

My good friend Manne is a fantastic photographer who agreed to show me the ropes. So yesterday, we went tromping around on some hiking trails to get some pictures of plants and bugs. It was definitely a learning experience, but I feel so much more comfortable with a lot of the camera's functions. I'm starting to think about how the camera sees things, not just how I see things. 

Besides understanding some of the basic functions yesterday, I also came away with a greater appreciation for light. Manne told me that light is measured in lumens, and there's a drastic difference between the lumens provided inside and the lumens outside with natural light (Think about a 100 watt lighbulb that has about 1600 lumens compared to bright sunlight, with over 100,000 lumens).

I went through the pictures I took yesterday and saved the ones that turned out (or that I just liked). At some point, I want to expand my knowledge of photoshop, but for now, my focus is on using the camera to create some awesome pictures. 

Here are a few from the shoot!

Here's to taking more pictures this summer!

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