Monday, June 11, 2012

A Monday Visitor

Besides being super productive this afternoon with internship items, I had a visitor arrive in Ames this evening!
My good friend Amy is on her way to northwestern Iowa to pick up some calves, and decided to start her trip a little early. I'm thrilled to be her stopping point! It's always great to see friends from home, especially since Amy and I were roommates for two years during our time at ISU.

She even brought along Callie, her beautiful (and incredibly calm/well behaved) border collie pup.

Amy and I enjoyed some delicious Mexican food at Carlos O'Kelly's and got a chance to catch up on life (At least, I caught up on her life, since she follows the blog and seems to know most everything I tried bringing up - ha!). It was great to sit and talk and really relax after my productive afternoon at Panera.

Delicious Chicken Picado!
After supper, we took Callie for a walk on campus after supper, enjoying the perfect evening air and quite a few ISU memories.

Thankfully, not too much has changed in the year since Amy graduated. The campanile still stands!

Even though Amy and Callie are heading out early tomorrow morning, I've still loved having them here. Guess it's a good thing I'll be getting a huge dose of home this weekend!

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