Monday, June 25, 2012

Expand Your Vocabulary

I found this little gem earlier today while taking a break from applications and internship work - I am making it my goal to use each of these words at least once this week! Any words your favorite?

In other news, the week is flying by. Now that I have more plans in place, time is disappearing at an alarming pace. Both a good thing and a bad thing, I suppose. This week looks to be fun, including a Wednesday tubing trip, drive-in movie night on Thursday, and a weekend trip home to begin moving things home, but most importantly, to hang out with this lovely ALL WEEKEND.

Can you say EXCITED?!

Have to finish out June with a little style (and maybe a bonfire at home...) 

Now, I just need to be super productive the rest of the week.

I'm looking at
cleaning out the fridge
organizing the garage
finishing a few more job applications
figuring out a mapping system for PI projects
background reading and notes for Tax Credit document
planning a potential fourth of July float (what can I say, I'm addicted!)
booking a plane ticket
and anything else that's sure to come up.

Here's to a productive week! 

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