Thursday, June 21, 2012

Go Follow Fish!

Tonight's post is incredibly brief, and includes a shameless plug for this girl:
She's getting to do some travel in Europe and is currently is Belgium with some of our extended family. Follow her adventures with me at her blog, Following Fish. She's got some really fun pictures of her travels, and a great quirky style of writing.

And, in the spirit of her travels in Belgium, I'm reliving some of my own travels in Belgium from last summer.... pictorially. These particular pictures are from the beautiful city of Brugge, which is one of the first places she visited upon arriving in Belgium.

I still hope to go back someday...someday...
That's why I've been filling out all of these job applications, right?


P.S. Someday {soon} I want to do a few flashback posts on my European Trip - so many great photos and stories that I want to remember and share!

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  1. oh gosh, this post really makes me want to visit europe! what gorgeous shots!!!!
    xo TJ