Sunday, June 3, 2012

Slow Sundays Bring a Smile

Sundays are always best for relaxing, spending time with family or friends, and just taking a moment to breathe between each of the 52 weeks.

I can recall many Sundays at home as a child where Mom made sure we all spent time together as a family, going on a picnic, playing a board game, ABC's Disney movie night from 6-8, driving to visit family, etc. It was rare that any of my or my sister's friends would be allowed to come over, or for us to go hang out with them (to the exclusion of our neighbors - hard to say no when you can walk to each others house in less than 2 minutes).

I appreciate my parents, my mother especially, for working to keep Sundays a little more laid back, a little more family focused. Sure, Dad usually had chores to door, hay to bale, etc, and as Emily and I grew older, we would occasionally have activities on Sundays, but for the most part, Sundays were family days.

It's hard to have such a day when my parents are back at home, and my sister is seven hours ahead (so it's Monday for her currently). However, the peace, slower pace, and socialization with friends still exists.

After a sleeping in and attending 10:30 mass, I headed to Des Moines to pick up my bridesmaid's dress and spend a little time with the bride, Megan, discussing some wedding details. This is the first time I've been in a wedding party, and I'm exciting to be helping out. The ceremony's not until late August, which is good since my dress arrived at the store in the wrong style. Right size, right color, wrong style. Thank goodness there's plenty of time for a reorder!

It's it just gorgeous though? I definitely love Megan's choice. I've never been a fan of bubble dresses, but this one grew on me the minute I tried it on. It's so comfortable, a beautiful color, and has pockets! I also love that it has straps, since it's so awkward and inconvenient to constantly be pulling up a strapless dress. Plus, it just looks classy, comfy and fun!

To make the little trip even better, I found the shoes in my size at Payless. I've got plenty of time to break those in now, so they'll be comfortable for a whole day of wedding festivities! 

Now, I'm ready to sit back with some homemade popcorn and a movie, which might put this tired girl to sleep. Here's to an awesome week! 

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