Monday, February 20, 2012

I Don't Want This Weekend to End

This weekend was one of the best I've had since being at college.
Seriously though, any weekend that involves

Ice Skating
All State Speech Festival
Visits at Work
Bar Hopping with Parents
Shopping Trips 
Brunch Dates and
Afternoon Walks

is bound to be an awesome weekend. 

 First, a bragging moment.
Our speech team got 5 All State Speech Nominations.
When I was in high school, we were lucky to take three events districts
But thanks to an amazing coach, a new assistant coach
additional help from speeech alums {Emily} 
 the team finished incredibly strong. 

Three of the nominations were performing,
so early Saturday morning {TWO} buses headed to Ames.

All three performances were excellent
and brought back awesome memories from my speeech days.

In addition to the SPEEECHIES coming to Ames, my parents came on Saturday to attend a Men's Basketball game with some other couples, and then spent the night at my house so we could all spend some time together on Sunday before they headed home. 

Saturday night, Mom, Dad, B and I all headed out to Outlaws,
my favorite country/western bar.

Mom and Dad have been there before, but never stayed too too late. 
It was a fairly quiet evening when we got there,
and we were all having a great time just talking and listening to music. 

Then, my neighbor boys showed up 
(old picture of some of the neighbor boys for reader who haven't heard of them before...)

 They immediately welcomed my parents, and started talking to them.
Before we knew it, it was 12:30!
Mom and Dad called it quits a little before one,
but still got a chance to do a little dancing before they left
{kicking myself for not taking a camera}

I'm so blessed to have parents who are so comfortable hanging out with their college daughter in an incredibly college setting. 
They rock. Period. 

Plus, they take you to breakfast in the morning after church, 
where the three of you 
laugh about prior Perkins visits
joke about Ginny 
catch up on life happenings
drink coffee {Mom and I}
and eat too much {all of us}

Needless to say, Sunday night was a little sad. 
It's hard to let go of such a great weekend
even if you've got 75 7th graders to look forward to on Monday. 

{Cheers for a four day week - hello 3 day weekend, you've been a long time coming!} 


  1. cute! awww--- miss you sweet girl!

  2. I love that speech photo with Emily (next to Stacy) peering right at you. Cute.