Thursday, February 16, 2012


5:50 alarms come early.
And when I first started student teaching, 
getting up was REALLY HARD.
I was usually on the road before the sun was up,
and often not reaching home until dark. 

 However, as the weeks have passed, I've grown to appreciate mornings.
Mostly because of beautiful sunrises.

There have been mornings I've wanted to turn around
just to get a camera.

Like yesterday morning, 
when the rising sun was partially covered by a heavy layer of fog.
It honestly looked like an African sunrise,
one where everything is a little hazy because of the heat.

Kicked myself for not bringing my camera. 
The picture on my phone does not do it justice. 

So this morning, since today wasn't my day to drive the carpool {thanks Misha!}
I made sure to bring my camera along. 

And I was rewarded with a clear morning 
and a brilliantly colored sky. 

Taking pictures from a moving car, 
through the drivers side window
with multiple obstacles flying by that block your view
 make setting an amazing shot a bit tricky.

So while these aren't exactly amazing pictures I'm featuring, 
they still capture the essence and beauty of the rising sun.
Check out some of the gorgeous colors!

I guess what I appreciate about seeing the sunrise so much
is the constant reminder of God's presence everyday.

His amazing grace
His unabounding love
His breathtaking creations
His constant presence
It's all evident in a sunrise.

And sometimes, I just can't help but stare out my window, amazed
at the daily unique and changing sunrises.
It's not a bad way to start off my day.
Filled with beauty and life
and the promise of what's to come

 "Every day is fresh, with no mistakes in it."

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