Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Snapshots

 A weekend home is always a welcome trip - even if it's really short. 
Here's a few photos from the weekend - 
 My Stephie - love her to death!

Weekend's not complete without photos of the pup -chasing cats or trying to get in the house!

 Lazy Saturday afternoons
Cookies with Mom!  
 and board games after dinner
We're talking intense gaming here people
See those expressions? 
{But no one can beat team Chloe/Erin!}

It may have been one of the shortest weekends home
But it was certainly one of my most enjoyable. 
It was packed full of fun with family and friends

Dinner at the AMAZING Tappa's Steak House 
{celebrated 30 years in business too!}
A night on the town with one of my besties and our friends
A wonderful coffee date with my parents on Saturday morning
Dinner and games with B's family on Saturday night

Coming back to Ames was bittersweet.
But now I can look forward to next weekend
when this amazing duo comes to Ames! 
Too bad the one in the middle won't be coming with....

Enjoy the week 
{and snow, if you've gotten some too!}

1 comment:

  1. Loved seeing you,and my Benny
    It was so great that you both were there for our 30 Ann.