Saturday, February 18, 2012

No Falls Friday

In college, the word Free is a most welcome sight
Free Food
Free Movies
Free Fun

Friday night was an {almost} free activity
With two cans of food, you could get skates and skate for 2 hours! 

Practically Free, right?
Plus, it was earlier in the evening that most 'free' skating events.

So B and I, along with some of our friends headed off to the rink 
for some fun on the ice.
 And I'm proud to report there weren't any falls....

 Well not too Manne.
{Extra points to those readers who get it}

But there was certainly a lot of laughter
funny faces
interpretive dancing 
creative skating moves

 One of my friends even timed his monthly trip back to Ames
so that he could come ice skating with us. 
So glad he could make it back 
{especially after our last attempt at free skating failed}

Not a bad way to start off the weekend.

I'm off to see my SPEEECHIES perform at the Iowa All State Speech Festival. 
5 All State Acts, 3 Performing, 2 Non.
One proud SPEEECHIE Alum here. 

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