Friday, March 2, 2012

First Full Week

This week has certainly been interesting in terms of student teaching. 

I was set to take over on Monday as the full time teacher for all of my coop's classes. 
And yet Monday morning found me still battling my cold. 

Do you have difficulties calling a sick day? 
Deciding to call in sick, especially on my first full day as teacher
but I feel like I learned a lot from my experience

the importance of detailed lesson plans
the need to be flexible
the importance of health
and the amazing power of sleep, juice, and tea. 

Otherwise, my first week teaching full time went splendidly! 
Of course, I'm still figuring some things out

classroom management
activities that students enjoy
time management
flexibility and spontaneity

but on the whole, I survived the week and still want to keep teaching.
Always a plus, right? 

Yesterday, I got a little blast from the past when I went down to the gym during my prep.
Remember back in elementary or middle school when the traveling roller skates came in for gym class? My students have been roller skating all week, and it sounded too fun for me not to take a few minutes to see how skilled my students were on skates. 
Some more so than others....

And somehow, I managed to find myself pulling on a pair of skates, and skating around with some of my students. 
Hopefully, that won some brownie points that Miss Fischer was cool enough to go skating! 
I know some of the kids were excited I joined in.

I'm looking forward to doubling dating tonight with my cousin and bestie, Hannah, when she and her boyfriend Adam arrive in Ames. It's been a long time since I've seen her, and I'm looking forward to some girl time and catching up. The weekend also promises a Pizza Cook off, dancing at Outlaws, and a little shopping around Ames. Stay tuned for some pictures; I'm sure they'll be plenty!

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