Monday, March 5, 2012

Fantastic Fruit Pizza

 It's definitely one of the prettiest things I've ever made before...

 Fruit Pizza
1 roll of sugar cookie dough 
    {Bake as directed}

Then combine:
1 pkg cream cheese
1/3 cup sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla

Spread over the baked sugar cookie crust shortly before serving. 
Then, top with a variety of fruit!

I tried to be as creative as possible, 
using all sorts of colorful fruit

mandarin oranges


Once I had all my fruit, it was up to me to figure out a way to arrange everything. 
I did a little research  
to get some ideas about ways to start decorating
 but on the whole, my design just evolved based on the fruit I had
and the spaces I needed to fill. 

The best part was seeing the design evolve and incorporate even more color as I added more fruit.

I even thought about using bananas as another color, 
but I wouldn't have had room! 
{note the 20 grape halves from an entire carton of grapes}

Once everything was in place, it was hard not to want a bite

But I made sure to curb my hunger, 
at least until I could get it to the throwdown

This pizza's definitely a colorful addition to any party.
I'm excited for the next opportunity to make one.
Both for the beauty
and the deliciousness of fruit, cream cheese, and cookie. 

P.S. The weekend was so full of fun that I haven't even gotten a chance to blog about spending time with my bestie Hannah and her lovely beau Adam. Any visit from her deserves a post all to itself, so keep an eye out in the next couple of days for some pictures and funny stories (though I'm sure there are some youhadtobethere moments).

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