Monday, March 5, 2012

Pizza Throwdown

Pizza is always a good thing.

 So a pizza cook-off must also be a good thing.

On Saturday night, some of my friends gathered together to bake, taste, and judge several pizzas. 

The competition was fierce...

 ...and occasionally, fiery! 

 There were five teams who competed, some in pairs 
and some individually, in four categories including 
sex appeal
{interpret that category as you will}

The crab rangoon pizza B and his roommate made won the most creative  award.
It was very interesting, to say the least.
Still very good, but an unusual taste for pizza.
Sure made me hungry for crab rangoons though!

 Savannah and her boyfriend Tim took top honors with their pie, 

a delicious mix of chicken mixed with some sauce I can't remember, bacon bits, and plenty of cheese.

As for the winner of the appearance and sex appeal categories, this cool pie took both honors.

mandarin oranges
and kiwis
on a sugar crust 
with cream cheese frosting

Not too bad for a solo team huh? 
I'd never made a fruit pizza before, but I sure had fun arranging the fruit 
{and eating all the extra fruit I bought that I didn't use}

As for the rest of the pizzas
it didn't take long for everyone to dig in...

...trying each of the five pizzas until....

 ...most of the pizzas were gone. 
And as I heard later, there weren't any leftovers.

Just a bunch of college students in food coma's. 
Perhaps Matt's Mom says it best.
"Don't you guys party like normal college students?"
And proudly, we can say no.

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