Wednesday, May 23, 2012

High School Graduation

It's funny going to your sister's graduation . . . without your sister.

She's not in any of these pictures.

But her friends are!

 Joni is always smiling...

 The Boys
 M-Townies Represent!
 Mom and one of Emily's Besties, Allison

So, even though her name wasn't read during the ceremony,
even though she's not smiling in a million graduation photos,
even though she's not complaining about how hot her cap and gown were,
even though she's not attending a million grad parties in the next week,
even though she's not having a grad party until the end of July,
she's still an amazing graduate.

Congratulations Emily - You had an amazing high school career (and a lot more guts than me to finish it up in a foreign country!) I love you so much! 

Kid comes home in 60 days. 
Her sister can't wait. 
Seriously. Can't. Wait. 

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  1. Her mom can't wait either! We miss you Emily! Erin...great choice of photo for Em! I've been having fun pulling photos for her grad. party. Oh, there are lots of "attitude" faces. Hahahaha!