Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Got Enough Rhubarb?

When I was younger, I remember watching my Mom cut up rhubarb.
Not that I ever ate any of the rhubarb. 
It was always much too sour for me as a child. 

However, now that I've gotten older, I really appreciate rhubarb.
It's a favorite to use in pies, cakes, and other sweets. 

While I was home this past week, my mother mentioned that the rhubarb was going to seed, 
a sign that if I wanted some rhubarb this season, I'd better go get some.  
 Thankfully, we've got a great patch of rhubarb at the house, 
and another neighbor who was not using her rhubarb.

When I put up rhubarb, I start by pulling the rhubarb from the patch
It's important not to pull too much rhubarb, because then the plants will have a difficult time coming back the following year.
Then, I cut off the leaves and the bottom stems, leaving just the stalks. 

A daunting amount of rhubarb, no?
Nothing I couldn't handle! 
I then wash the rhubarb in at least two water baths, usually lukewarm water. 

The second to last step is what usually takes the longest, especially since in past years I've had to cut with not so sharp knives
But this year, I bought a new knife during my recent day trip to the Amana Colonies, and 
everything went so much faster!
(That, and I had some reinforcements later. Thanks B!) 

Once the rhubarb had been cut up, 
I measured it into plastic storage containers
And when those ran out, I switched to quart freezer bags. 

By my estimate, I put close to 200 cups in the freezer. 
Or 57 pounds based on the pictures I took. 
(Just out of curiosity, I weighed everything with the bathroom scale)

 If you find yourself in need of rhubarb sometime this summer, 
let me know! I've got plenty.

I'm excited for other fruits that I freeze to ripen
Being able to freeze everything is nice and helps me feel a little more self sustainable. 
When your freezer has rhubarb, strawberries, cherries, black raspberries, raspberries, blueberries, and mulberries, there's plenty to eat throughout the year. 
Maybe this year I'll even learn to do some canning.... 


  1. Do you know how thankful I am that you took a whole day and pulled, washed, cut, and packed all of our rhubarb for the next year (or two!) You are amazing Erin!

  2. Do you know how glad I am? I'm coming for a visit...