Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Files

One of my friends over at The Neesby Lookbook started something a few weeks ago she calls the The Friday Files. She reserves these posts to talk about some of the more {real} things in life, things that aren't always perfect or funny or interesting, but that are still part of ordinary life.


In order to help celebrate the ordinary in my life, I thought I'd give it a try.

{+} This morning, I received a wonderful email letting me know I had nine, NINE library books overdue, and as a result accrued a $27 fine. Not only do I feel like the university is bleeding my almost empty account completely dry, but somewhere along the lines my renewal of said books didn't go through (even though the other 6 books checked out at the same time and RENEWED at the same time were not overdue)

{UPDATE: Got an email from the library - turns out they're having trouble with their new software, and my books AREN'T overdue! Hello $27, I'm so glad you're still around!} 

{+} The constant state of disarray my room is always in. It's embarrassing to have friends drop by, and all I do ask I talk to them as I pick up and put away random things. One of my friends had to grab my hands and say "just stop cleaning up Erin. You're like my mother." Appealing, no? 

{+} My bank account depresses me every time I check it. As much as I love college, moments where said account is only in double digits scares me and makes me want to run out and apply for eighteen more jobs. Then I remember I have no time to work a third (or even forth!) job, so I think about which bank I would be most successful in robbing. Then I regret wanting to grow up, and instead want to crawl back home and let my Mommy make me pancakes and read me stories. Growing up can be difficult.

{+} My Weekend To-Do list - I'm not even sure I can accomplish everything on this list within the 48 hours the weekend offers me. I'm going to try, that's for sure. Especially everything in yellow, that has to be turned in next week BEFORE I leave on Wednesday morning. YeeGads GollyGeeWiz.

{+} I used my computer's webcam to take the above picture. Another downside of being without a camera and a poor college student. Someday, I will buy a replacement camera. And I hope whoever has my camera is enjoying the large memory card, amazing zoom, spectacular Western US Vacation pictures, and a guilty conscience for not returning it to the address on the bottom of the camera. 

{+} The design on my blog - yes, it is from a template. Yes, it's driving me nuts. Yes, I'm planning a redesign. But, instead of working on redesigning my blog, I have to design and code a website for class. At least I'll have all my programming down by the time Christmas Break rolls around.

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