Thursday, November 10, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

Can I hear a hip hip HOORAY for Thursday? 


And since today is Thursday, that means it's time for another installment of awkward and awesome moments!

Let's kick off this week with an awkward, yet awesome photo that my sister took a couple years ago

                                           Awkward - my face      Awesome - Lena's earmuffs

- coming out of the bathroom to find someone waiting for my stall, when there was another completely good stall open.
- knowing when someone's presentation is not going well, and having to sit through the rest of  it anyway
- thinking I'm the only one at home, only to hear someone cough in the next room. {Sorry, hope you don't mind my singing....}
- checking my bank account online {the true meaning of a poor college student}
- whenever someone comes into the computer lab and stands behind me, right in my blind spot {Do I really want to print in this lab? Are there imaginary people in all the computer chairs? Do I really want to be here?}
- The movie Drive. Full of awkward moments. Not sure why I even kept watching the whole thing.
- Alex and his "little spoon" statement in class today - awkward, yet awesome

- The fact that it's almost Friday
- My Thanksgiving Break begins in 6 days!
- The fact that I get to go home on my Dad's Birthday, and help him celebrate
- My wonderful letter from Miss Hannah Porth, which was not only a ray of sunshine on a gloomy day, but full of fun little stories and laughter
- Potato Soup on a rainy day - DeLiciouS!
- Having my Wednesday morning session cancel = 2 more hours of sleep time!

One of the blessings about having jam packed days Monday through Thursday is the amazing freedom I get on Fridays. Now that tutoring at AHS is over, I am looking forward to sleeping in for several hours. Maybe I'll finally be able to knock out my cold. Then, I've got the entire weekend to be productive and get a long list of homework done. Who knows, maybe Saturday afternoon will be spent reading and drinking coffee at Panera. Mmmm Hazelnut coffee!

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