Tuesday, November 8, 2011

6 Word Memoirs

Part of the stress from this semester comes from writing a three week unit plan. I'm in the middle of writing my unit on poetry for a seventh grade classroom. It's been an interesting experience thus far, especially when I take my observations from a seventh grade classroom and use them to help shape some of my lessons.

What's nice about writing these units (in addition the practice it gives) is that everyone else in class is also writing a unit, each with a different topic and theme. Today we starting our presentations, where everyone takes a 20 minute activity from their lesson and teaches the class.

One of my classmates is writing a 3 week unit plan on Memoirs, and in her presentation today had us begin writing our own memoirs. The only catch - our memoirs had to be six words.

That's a lot of information to fit into six words. However, some people have done so gracefully and thoughtfully, such as Ernest Hemingway.

For Sale:
Baby Shoes,
Never Worn
Six simple words that packs quite a punch. Take a look at some other examples:

Been there, done that, loved it
- Sid Singh

Happy now that I know myself
- Anne Maiwald

Traversing Earth together, 
chasing elusive answers.
- Paul Barber

Or this one, one that's particularly relevant to writers (and one that I really like)

Live, then write; Live again, repeat.
- Lauren Gonzalez

So with all these memoirs floating around, I'd like to share some of my own. Mind you, these are from 10 minutes in class, but I'd like to spend some more time writing.

Past I am, 
Present I become

What are we?
Some Day.

I'm always waiting, 
watching for

One book, 
blank pages,
still writing.
What six word memoirs can you create? Try writing one about your entire life, a specific event, memory, or age, anything you want!

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