Thursday, November 3, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Happy Thursday! The sun is shining, the air smells of fall, and tomorrow is Friday! Here's my Awkward and Awesome moments from this week.

- scrunching my hair in the car while sitting at a stop light, and getting funny looks from the guy in the car next to me (You think I look this good effortlessly? HA!)
- The point in a conversation where silence is not comfortable or welcome. (Um....someone say something...)
- Messing up on a couple question while helping one of my tutees (Yes....I'm wrong, you're right. Will you be my tutor now?)
- Creeping into the neighbors apartment in order to leave my steak in their fridge
- Getting ready to jump in the shower, only to find the bathroom occupied....for half an hour.
- Going home to surprise my dad, and having to wait for him for 4 hours past the planned surprise. (Tt was awesome when I found him though!) 

- The giveaway sponsored by the LOVELY Miss Neesby at The Neesby Lookbook (If you haven't seen her blog before, check it out! She's blogging about life as a newlywed, her first home, China, and a bunch of other fun things!)
- My Halloween weekend at home, complete with surprising my dad, a bonfire, family movie night, Fireman's Pancake Breakfast, touring a new house, NCYC meeting, coffee with Mom, shopping with Emily and an extra night!
- The e-mail I just got from Papa Ron, signed 'I love you more than all the steel in the Golden Gate Bridge." He knew I needed a pick-me up this afternoon.
- How warm my room is now that the heat is on! It's almost a sauna!
- Thursdays in general! (Hello swing dancing, and weekend!)
- Only 2 weeks until NCYC (and THANKSGIVING BREAK! Can I hear an AMEN?!)
- Steak Night. And Pie. SO glad the boys brought this little tradition back. Even if Greve did burn my steak a little.
- Sleeping in on a Wednesday morning for the first time all semester.!

What's been awkward or awesome in your life this week?

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