Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Productivity Rocks

I love evenings when I'm super productive.
These kind of evenings are especially great considering student teaching
Hopefully, I can keep this productivity up when I'm writing lessons and grading papers 
later in the semester. 

A fun first teacher moment from today though...
I got my first note/artwork from a student! 
I had to hide my grin behind a book. 
I think I was more grateful than anything else to see that the students seem to
be taking to me as a friendly person, and not just a stranger to the classroom. 

Let's hope this continues when I start to teach. 
For now, I'll keep trying to remember their names, so I can get reactions like this:
"Woah, how do you know my name?!" 
Seventh Graders - There's never a boring moment. 

As for productivity, check it out

Tonight, I:
~ went to the gym and worked out {hello resolution!}
~ made a cherry pie for myself! 
~ caught up with my Dad on the phone
~ made my lunch for tomorrow
~ downsized and froze extra lasagna
~ did a load of laundry (produced CLEAN money instead of dirty money)
(and some shiny hairpins - guess I missed a pocket...)
~ showed
~ caught up on some of my favorite blogs
And it's only 9:30!
{oh, and justahappylittlethought - tomorrow is THURSDAY!}
{we're so much closer to the weekend!}


  1. Two things:
    1) Laundering money is illegal.
    2) Are you aware they spelled your name wrong?
    2b) There's a road here in Oregon that spells your name correctly. I always smile and think of you when I cross it.

    1. 1. Clever - love it!
      2. Yes, I am. There's an 8th grade teacher who spells Fischer that way, so I'm forgiving.
      2b. Oh thanks!Made me laugh and smile :)