Saturday, January 28, 2012

Late Nights and Laughter

Yesterday was a fabulous day.
It was Friday.

And it started out with a BEAUTIFUL sunrise.
So of course, the rest of the day was bound to be beautiful.
Right? Yes, I thought so too. 
 Casual Day at school {love jeans!}
Fried Chicken and mashed potatoes before the Ides of March
{deliciousness. especially in cast iron}
Funny and magical entertainment at the MU
 And FREE SUBWAY sandwiches! 
No one was excited for them though. 
Nope, no one
I've been looking forward to the weekend since about Tuesday. 
Not that the week was bad or anything. 
Don't get me wrong there. 
I was just ready for free time.
Sleeping in.
Lazy hours.
Free Reading.

And Friday Night certainly delivered. Between the delicious meal, the free movie at Carver, 
the late night entertainment at the Memorial Union {hello magicians and comedy troupe - thanks for making me laugh harder than I have in months), and free food, I considered the night to be very successful, and the perfect way to kick off the weekend.

Tonight's looking even better too.
Stay tuned for pictures from the 
{This girl is not excited, mind you}


  1. It looks like the sky is on fire!!! What an amazing sunrise!

  2. I agree with Andrea! Wow!It does look like there is a fire behind those buildings. Awesome!