Friday, January 6, 2012

New Steps

 Today, my family and I put my little not so little sister Emily on a plane to Chicago
this plane, to be exact

which will connect her to a plane to London
which will connect her to a plane to Paris
which will put her in a car for three hours
in order to reach her new home for six months. 

She worked hard to get to this day, 
taking extra classes to have enough credits to graduate early
studying French even when she wasn't taking a class
lining up everything from visas to french class schedules 
getting to know her new host family

My sister, a foreign an exchange student 

I'm so proud of Emily. At 18, I would not have been brave enough to

travel by myself across the ocean
speak a second language all day, every day
attend high school in a foreign country
be 4,000 miles away from my family
not see my family six 1/2 months

and yet, she's the perfect person to do it

passionate about French
excited to try new things
open to adventures and experiences
comfortable with traveling
planning ahead for a career
interested in meeting new people
willing to adapt to new situations

She's going to be amazing in France
will come back fluent in French
likely with an appetite to travel even more
full of all sorts of new knowledge
with hundreds of pictures and stories to share.

 I'm excited for her...

but I'm also going to miss her. 
Miss being able to send her a funny text
or call her to gossip about the latest episode of Once Upon a Time, 
surprising her by coming home early and watching movies all night, 
showing her around Ames and ISU's campus, 
random dance parties in the kitchen,
even stupid little arguments that annoy us both.
I will miss her.
My parents will too - they're empty nesters a semester early!

But for now, I'm going to be excited for Emily. 
I'm going to religiously follow and comment on her blog, Following Fish.
I'm going to write her letters
and send her emails 
and set up skype dates
and share her adventures with our family and friends. 

Please, keep her in your prayers these next few days. 
It's going to be an adjustment, 
but she's going to be just fine!
- Erin -


  1. Yay!! So excited for her!!

  2. The photos of Em and the dogs are great. Well, all the photos are great! Nice job Erin!