Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Fairy Tale Christmas

One of the Christmas traditions in our family is to visit the Herbert Hoover Museum's Christmas Tree Display. Every year is a different theme, and each tree is decorated within the theme. 

This year's theme was "A Fairy Tale Christmas," and I LOVED the castle and drawbridge.

Childhood regression anyone? 
Who wouldn't like a drawbridge and a castle?!  Someone come decorate my classroom! 
 Emily enjoyed the Hansel and Gretel tree, which she so kindly demonstrated for us.

One of my favorite trees was the Snow White tree
(which may or may not be due to a certain tv show...)
 The ornaments were so diverse and helped to bring the story to life on each branch.
I also really liked the Robin Hood tree, especially with the hat as a tree topper. 
Emily tried to play the hero for Rapunzel, but she wouldn't give her the time of day.

We also managed to get a little shopping done in nearby Iowa City, and Emily got a few needed items for her France trip. I also found a few great things at Stuff! and will hopefully feature them in my new year wardrobe.

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