Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Time

This  past week at home with my family away from all things school related has been heavenly!  We had a wonderful Christmas, and since Santa was so kind to replace my CAMERA, I can finally show my own photos here! 

We enjoyed sleeping until 7:59, then jumping on Mom and Dad and all rushing downstairs to see Christmas magic under the tree. The opening of gifts, drinking of coffee, and a few tears rounded out the morning. The afternoon was spent relaxing on the couch, playing cards with Grandma, visiting, and a long skype conversation with family in Texas. Needless to say, a perfect day to celebrate the birth of Christ by basking in the love of my family. 

So truly thankful and blessed I have them. 
Some hightlights from the Fischer Christmas Day festivities include...

 Funny Faces while opening stockings...
 A new suitcase for the soon-to-be world traveler...
 a funny father who's not too old to wear a Santa Hat and bow (self placed, I kid you not!)...
 a new blender....
 Christmas brunch with coffeecake, eggs, and juice...
 skype conversations with the rest of the family in Texas...
And continually looking at my new Dutch Oven! 
I'm willing to cook in freezing cold weather in order to use it soon {thanks Emily!} 

In addition to our small Christmas on the 25th,  we also hosted the Caes Christmas at the house. 

My Mom's the youngest of 10 kids, 8 of whom are still living, so we had quite a houseful, even with a few families that couldn't make it. About 38 people made the trip to our house, from a close as Durant and as far away as Germany! We all laughed, ate lots of lasagna and french bread, and enjoyed catching up with everyone. Oh, and of course playing with lots of littles! 

 The guys quickly established a room solely for male discussions. 
 Games among first and second cousins Hannah, Owen, and Liam
 A little bit of George for his biggest fan Adam
 Cigars for the Uncles from Mike's abroad travels
 A printers drawer for Aunt Suzanne's small collection
And the induction of a newcomer to a Fischer house tradition.
I mean, who wouldn't want to sit on a furnace vent with lots of blankets!
We may have stranger traditions, but Carolin was certainly a trooper in a new country! 

We finished off the evening playing board games with those who were staying at the house, drinking hot chocolate and  realizing that most of us were not very artistic 
when it came to Pictionary.
But the laughter as a result was heartwarming.

With most of the Christmas festivities over, I'm a little late with my Christmas wishes,
but I hope each and every one of you had a wonderful Christmas full of love, laughter, and light, celebrating the birth of Christ with family and friends.

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