Thursday, October 6, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Happy Thursday! That means the weekend is almost here, and life will finally begin breathing again. This week kinda came up and slapped me in the face (or as Alex said so succinctly in class, "knocked me down and kicked me a couple times"). Thankfully, there's light at the end of the tunnel, and 3 blessed days where I am able to do homework!
Here's this week's edition of Awkward and Awesome's!

- Receiving three phone calls from random numbers, especially from one 000-000-0000. Not suspicious at all.
- Trying to find my way around my practicum on my first day - this school has TWO floors! And misleading signs.
- Trying to remember the names of my neighbors in order to attend their birthday party, and failing miserably.
- Making eye contact with a random stranger while driving back from Bondurant."Oh, hello, I'm just going to keep singing to this song. Don't mind me..."
- Attempting to start a difficult conversation, on the phone, and failing miserably.

- Picking up my brand new Homecoming jacket, and learning of the CAMO GATOR for Homecoming! I'm excited to drive that bad boy.
- The amount of faculty who have been e-mailing me with interest in the Homecoming contest.
- Celebrating my sister's birthday Friday night, and my birthday on Sunday.
- Quidditch on central campus. hysterical. especially watching my father's facial expressions while he watched.
- Being on the football field when the players ran out to start the game (and my free game ticket!
- Being hired as a tutor
- My Panera coffee date with my mother. We always have so much to talk it about, and I value our relationship as more than mother/daughter, but friends.

Now, go outside to enjoy one of the last days of Indian summer for me! I've gotta pay some bills...

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