Thursday, September 29, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

One of my favorite blogs to follow is this little gem. And even though I have very little fashion sense, I still enjoy reading Sydney's stories and comments about fashion, and of course her new little that's coming soon! One of the traditions from her blog is Awkward and Awesome Thursdays, where you tell little awkward and awesome moments of your day (or week). So, I thought I'd give it a try, especially when I'm trying my best to avoid homework (hello first blog post since Europe!)

- Walking and talking to another student I don't know well from class, and realizing halfway through that I'm heading the wrong way. "Well, if you;ll just excuse me while I go back down this path the way we came....I just like exercise."
- That silence after a classmate makes an outlandish claim in class. Really, who knows what to say after something like that?
- Being the only one dressed up for my tutoring interview. Out of six. "She said business casual, right? Wrong? What's the world coming to?"
- Losing my phone and frantically searching for it at work, only to realize it's in my back pocket. Duh.
- Sharing a 'brilliant' idea in class, only to have everyone look at my blankly before some starts talking about something. completely. different. Right - brilliant.... 
- Students coming into lab, only to hover right behind me, so when I turn around, they look at my funny and scatter - quickly, which makes me feel like a creeper. Or they ask, "Is this lab empty"? "No, it's full of computers with no one sitting in front of them. Can't you see the invisible class?"

- Sleeping with the windows open. Best night's of sleep this semester.
- Getting hired even though I may have been overdressed for my tutor interview (or I just blew them away with my amazing outfit)
- Beautiful fall days that remind me why I LOVE fall.
- A surprise visit from this beautiful blogger and plans for a lovely fall picnic tomorrow!
- Starting up my devotional again, and realizing how perfect God's timing can be.
- Pancakes. The perfect, 9:30-done-with-class-hunger-solution.
- Seeing my family tomorrow for the ENTIRE WEEKEND.

I'm super excited for Mom, Dad, and Emily to come visit this weekend. Not only do Emily and I have plans to celebrate her 18th birthday by checking out an area club (and of course eating pizza, ice cream, watching movies, and staying up too late to catch up on life), but we're also all going to watch Iowa State CREAM Texas in the football game on Saturday. I'm hoping to fit in a Panera visit with Mom, and a walk around campus with Dad, plus several hours around the campfire at their campsite. Mmmm, the weekend smells good already!

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