Thursday, May 12, 2011


I suppose it's a good thing no one has the link to my blog at this point, since it has been dormant for over 2 months. I blame school. Or maybe a lack of drive to use my blog. However, now that it's summer (and I find myself with more time on my hands than I've had in months, I thought it would be a good time to start posting again. That, and the fact that I'm jetting of next week to LONDON (gasp) are both good reasons. Hopefully, I can post pictures and daylogs from my days touring (and studying) London.

I must admit, I'm terrified. Excited, yes, but mostly terrified. This is the first time I've been abroad. Ever. It's a lot of money, a lot of NEW all at once, and a long time away from home and family. Not that that's a big factor anymore, but it's still there. Maybe it's just now that I'm home, playing with the puppy everyday, sleeping in my bed, watching movies with Emily, visiting with Mom and Dad, I'm just not quite ready to leave. But with the excitement that comes from every person I talk to, I'm pretty sure the trip will be awesome. I just need to get there first.

I guess I'm most excited about the plane rides I get to take. I LOVE flying. It's just great. And I have 3 flights to get to Europe. THREE! I'm totally pumped. Especially since I'm not flying through Chicago in any way, shape, or form. Too much drama there. Example: my mother and her sister just drove to Chicago to catch a flight to Florida for a sister's weekend. Their flight was delayed from 8:00 to just before midnight. 4 hours, managable. Come to find out this morning, they're still there. Even after they were already ON THE PLANE, their flight was cancelled; their pilot had too many flights hours. Blah. So now they're in route, through Ohio to Orlando to Fort Lauderdale, instead of their wonderful direct flight. All because of weather. In Chicago. Honestly.....

Today's quiet in Iowa. It's mostly sunny with occasional clouds, and a few, very short rain spouts. I'm filling in for Mom at Paul Meyer Chemicals, answering the phone, running for lunch, etc. I'm not too busy but the guys in the shop and warehouse are still running around like crazy. So many farmers are trying to get their crops in while the weather is nice, and PMC has been running all week (even on Mother's Day in the afternoon). Whew. I hope the guys get a break soon - they've sure been working hard!

What I love about the Midwest: Prepositions.
Even though as an English major ending a sentences with a preposition is AWFUL, I still love hearing it in conversation, since it's such a Midwestern trait.

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