Wednesday, July 4, 2012

An Accidental Blog Haitus

Miss me?

Thanks to a dead car last week, my move out date from Ames was pushed up a week and I spent Thursday and Friday frantically packing, (breaking),  and moving things out of my house in Ames to bring back to my parent's house.

 Poor Coffeepot....

Add onto that a weekend home with one of my best friends helping Mom, dining with one of our favorite boys, and being generally silly.
 dinner with cousin Jonathon was perfect!
 We're special...

Then a quick trip back to Ames to finish out my last two days of work and to pack up the rest of my belongings....

and now I'm here. at home as a college graduate. I've got mixed feelings about it, especially since I like my independence and am ready to be in my own place (interview Monday could change things a bit!) But, for the time being, home is the smartest place to be. More on that another post...

June was a good month for blogging - I didn't quite reach my 30 in 30 goal, but I definitely learned a lot about blogging posted more than I ever have before! I hope to take some of this momentum, as well as new understandings, with me into July as my packed schedule keeps me from constant internet access.

Nobody melt out there today  - it's a hot day to be celebrating our nation's birthday! Happy fourth of July readers!

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